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Cheap Beer

by Cheap Beer

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Wages 01:40
Don't you dare skrimp and save No vacation no sick days Health plan? no way I make shitty tips every day Manager cut your days Overtimes unpaid 8 hours fight the rage My fucking boss I really hate All you get is minimum wage Make no mistake you're the slave
Drink It 01:24
5 dollar beer get the fuck out of here Drink gasoline we ain't got no fear Spent my last check on a case get fucked Surfing on your couch cuz I'm shit out of luck Don't got time for your micro brews Don't call what I do substance abuse No way AA's a waste of time Every last drop of the tall can's mine Moonshine time and we're going blind I don't need help I'm doing fine Pray to the gods I became the liquor Give me one more and I'll get there quicker Don't got time for your craft beer shit My bank account I don't think about it Such a fuckin loser I got no girl I drink 12 beers and fucking hurl Drink it
Well aware that my life sucks just waiting for the bus No car no girl no cash fuck waiting for the bus Can't keep my mind from spinning shit waiting for the bus I'm not fucking scared now I'm waiting for the bus All the cool kids driving by waiting for the bus Crying baby on the #5 waiting for the bus Peace offer gave me a fine waiting for the bus Can we just fucking walk no we're waiting for the bus Sitting here it's just a waste of time If it doesn't show up in 5 minutes I'll lose my mind
Deadbeat 02:26
Thought she was special but she's a deadbeat Can't get a job cuz I'm a deadbeat Such a fucking slob yeah we're all deadbeats Cops gonna get you they'll beat the deadbeat Everywhere you look you'll see a deadbeat All around the world is fucking deadbeats Oh my god am I a deadbeat? Everyone I know is a goddamn deadbeat
Yeah we're gonna hit the show There'll be blood before you know Lacerations on my mind I don't feel it Hipsters better fucking dance If you're gonna stand a chance I can't feel it Oh it looks about a pint Girls feel a little fright Don't worry I'm alright I can't feel it Yeah I hit a fucking vein Body's empty like my brain It's getting in my eyes I can't see it He wants to have a fight Doesn't know I have a knife Fist cracking bloody bites I can taste it She can't look away I puked and fainted on the stage I can't take it Show me your flesh wound
Convenience 01:17
Convenience My life really sucks Food at my fingertips I am ignorant Convenience My life really sucks Food at my fingertips I just don't give a shit I take for granted all the things I'd have to hunt for Don't bother to learn anything cuz I'm already done for Work for corporations they just want you to buy more Send your kids to war and see just what they died for Don't question what you eat cuz you've already eaten it Don't question what you see cuz you've already seen it Don't question those in charge, they know what's best for you What's best for you.
Had a headache for a week but I guess I'll pop some pills Got holes in my teeth but I guess I'll take the drill I got acid in my chest but I guess I'll fucking vomit it Oh no My lungs will start to bleed but I guess I'll hit the pipe Heart skipped a beat so I guess I'll fucking swipe And they gave me one more week so I'll never go outside again Oh no Doctor can you help me Doctor please help me
Hormones 01:54
How to make a whore moan Simple I don't pay her Had a little cocaine Just for the flavour Got her favourite pair of handcuffs She can't get enough Her boyfriend's running late I'm gonna keep her in restraints She loves it but she hates me
You always talk about that girl who talks to you You talk about how you were always picked last you Won't leave the man who beats you black and blue well you I don't got time for you You drink away your pain all day well you Sit at a screen and spread your hate well you Need someone to feel sorry for you I just don't have time for you I don't got time for your fucking problems I don't got time for your bullshit


released June 8, 2019


all rights reserved



Rhodehouse Records Calgary, Alberta

Independent record label formerly based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. On hiatus as of 2023, contact bands directly for physical copies.

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